Archive | September 2019

Unrecorded Gods

I’m participating in the Unrecorded Gods community on Tumblr so I should admit here that most of my Gods with exception of Hekate are unrecorded, I hope to publish my posts from tumblr here so people can understand more of my religion but I wanted to be open, from the Green God to Mother Moon, Mother Night and their Children of the Moon and Night, all come from my own experiences.

I think it’s a beautiful way to experience polytheism, it’s also no different from the past, after all someone in the past who established famous cults started by working with unrecorded Powers who became popular enough to be called by the same name, even then we had syncretism, epithets, Gods having been merged together and many other confusing experiences that show us things weren’t as clear as we like to imagine in past polytheism, just like it isn’t in modern polytheism, both reconstructed polytheism as in traditions that survived mostly intact.

Depression and loosing my connection with my Gods

Lately I have been through a terrible depression crisis after remembering traumatic memories, I lost my connection with the Gods, even with anything good in life, I also lost my trust in them which was even more painful, I fear all, Gods, spirits, nature and humans, being surrounded by narratives of never trust the Gods or Spirits didn’t help, I wish our community was more balanced than “love and light ” in one side and “macabre dark and evil ” on the other, I don’t believe all Powers are good but having the other narrative doesn’t help anyone. Balance seems to be like something I lost, all became negative.

I’m doing my best to keep my heart open to my Gods and Others who helped me so far but it’s difficult. Hopefully I can walk this past and come out of it soon and more healed.