Magic and disability combined.

For several reasons I use a cane, from chronic pain, bad balance and personal avoidance of starting a intimate relationship with the ground.

So I thought why not transform my cane in a magical tool? (I thinking here on Gandalf and his staff saying You shall not pass, but maybe that’s going too far, or not.)

This also gave me a interesting image of wheelchairs as the Chariot of tarot and canes as wands, actually why not combine the Wands suits and court cards symbolism with canes? Action, movement and magic, I can’t see why not. A disability tarot would look cool.

There are many possibilities to use magic on a disability device like a cane, charging sigils, actually painting symbols, using as a wand/staff, symbolism, it depends what the cane is made of and how discreet you want to be, but you can do it just energetically too.

Of course I’ll admit customized canes would be a dream, customized magical  pink canes with fox theme and qilin-dragonesque head and hello kitty stickers? Perfect.
Sorry I got lost here on my dreams, just ignore that last part.

What do you think?

Maybe a small altar for daily medications? Other ideas?

Anyone has done this or written about?
Or even about everyday objects not associated with disability, like glasses and computers.

Beginnings… and I will try, try and try again.

I spend more time thinking than doing, too much time inside my own head without interacting with others, both corporeal as non-corporeal people, I have problems trying to have conversations even if I deeply want and need them, this affects my life in so many ways but right now I will focus on my spiritual life, that is not so clearly kept apart from the rest, everything intersects, I don’t pray easily, I don’t talk to the Gods and spirits in my life as much as I want and need and I assume they know me better than they should considering my lack of communication, maybe they do, possibly a lot more than a human does but they are not all-knowing and rationally I don’t expect them too.

I wish to change, it helps me and enriches my life to invite them in to my life, their presence changes me for better, whatever painful challenges they brought were what I had to go through at my life, it was something that I couldn’t avoid if I wanted to learn to live, I was living in a cage and the door could no longer be open with a key, they helped and are helping me break the cage from the inside out with strength I didn’t know I had.

I have been surviving for so long and without knowing a time of peace and serenity in my life that is hard to live, to have relationships with others, it’s hard to know if this is worthy of the pain of trying, because I have been trying for many years and I am tired but now I’m also longing to be free, it’s no longer a simple lonely battle for surviving a little longer, now even with all my challenges, wounds and painful issues, it’s a time to recognize my freedom and life, my own worth as a person, I believe the Powers in my life have decided to show me that I am worthy of them, that I am accepted while also expected to change for better now that I’m no longer trapped in a cage, they are compassionate and understand my hardships, I live with disabilities, physical and mental pain, my depression and PTSD make everything harder, what happened in my life can’t be erased, they have compassion, they have anger with the unfairness of it all (and were the first to openly display it), but they know I must change, they will wait with patience and force me on my own way because I’m probably too slow for my own good and like many others I avoid changing, especially painful changes, but it must happen eventually, I need to trust more, talk more, let them get to know me and get to know them as well, like in any relationship, I need to move from the stagnation I find myself in and work towards what I want, this is a long process and I can see the beginning, now I need to take the first steps.