Y. and His words.

My Brother words to me:

Don’t give up, I’m here for you, feel my presence, subtle as the moonlight, the comfort on your shoulder. The warmth of fire that will not burn and the sparkle of stars in scales.
I am your Brother, I will not leave you.
I care for you I will not abandon you.
– Y.

WK 1 – Mar. 2 – Knowledge, Wisdom and Gnosis

“- What do these words mean to you? How do express these principles in your spiritual work? Is any one more important than the other? Why?”

These three words represent important values of my spiritual life and what I seek, there are values “above” them but they all balance each other to work in harmony, just like those three also serve to keep each other balanced and working well.
I have always been someone who loved to seek knowledge but did my best to keep in mind how much is there to learn and how knowledge changes, grows and it’s organic, I believe remembering this is part of wisdom, wisdom is harder to look and obtain, more elusive, you may not possess much knowledge in what our society values yet be a truly wise person, for me with wisdom comes some modesty since there is so much to learn and so much we will never know, so many unexpected places to receive new lessons from and so much to love and teach, a wise person teaches by the way they are and not only the lessons they give, you cannot separate wisdom from the way one decides to live their life.
Gnosis is the most complicated, I don’t use the word in my practice but I use the concept.
I think the main use that I have given this exact word is when I used to write big disclaimers saying UPG in anything I thought about saying, even when the subject was obviously personal or was just on the area of knowledge and not gnosis.
What I mean by that last part is, for example, my god likes coffee, it’s personal knowledge not gnosis in my opinion, my relationship with the Powers, time and feelings we share, this for me is gnosis, but I’ll admit I don’t hold that division of categories in great importance.
I’ve always been interested in mysticism and deeper teachings and experiences, even as a child in my explorations, I had several experiences but no words for it, I actually think the more important events can’t be talked about because there are no words, they also happened at the most non-verbal times of my life, my type of autism gives me a strange mostly non-concious switch between my skills and the ability to communicate or think with words, especially when younger, events that I would now translate with linguistic limitations as teaching me a deep gnosis were very non-verbal and mystical.
(Disclaimer: My autism did not caused those experiences, it’s far more complex than this, wait for another post)
Maybe it’s like Duskenpath said, the language of the soul is not verbal
I can’t even make magic verbally.
Gnosis is possibly the most important thing in my practice but it asks and gives no names about itself, it’s more lived than talked about, it’s something the Powers and universe share with me but it involves less or no words. Gnosis is also not only one thing but many, a conversation between me and the Divine and all the lessons within the multi layered messages.
For me anything else is wisdom and knowledge, even Divine or Sacred Knowledge or Wisdom, but not my definition of gnosis, I know this is not the most common definition but I was shaped by many events into thinking like this, this definition comes more from an unique view I built in my life than actual defined concepts by the dictionary.
I love knowledge, look for wisdom and hope to be blessed by gnosis on my journey.