Magic and disability combined.

For several reasons I use a cane, from chronic pain, bad balance and personal avoidance of starting a intimate relationship with the ground.

So I thought why not transform my cane in a magical tool? (I thinking here on Gandalf and his staff saying You shall not pass, but maybe that’s going too far, or not.)

This also gave me a interesting image of wheelchairs as the Chariot of tarot and canes as wands, actually why not combine the Wands suits and court cards symbolism with canes? Action, movement and magic, I can’t see why not. A disability tarot would look cool.

There are many possibilities to use magic on a disability device like a cane, charging sigils, actually painting symbols, using as a wand/staff, symbolism, it depends what the cane is made of and how discreet you want to be, but you can do it just energetically too.

Of course I’ll admit customized canes would be a dream, customized magical  pink canes with fox theme and qilin-dragonesque head and hello kitty stickers? Perfect.
Sorry I got lost here on my dreams, just ignore that last part.

What do you think?

Maybe a small altar for daily medications? Other ideas?

Anyone has done this or written about?
Or even about everyday objects not associated with disability, like glasses and computers.