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The Pagan Experience – WK 1- Feb. 2- Humanity

I hate humanity, I love humanity, I hate humans, I love humans, I have hope for them/us and I have none, humans are just another species of animals and as sacred as them, humans have divinity within them, just like any other part of nature, we, humanity, are part of nature, part of divinity, both mean almost the same.

Every human possess a spark of the Divine within them, many religions talk about this in different terms, I’ll admit the ones that strongly left their views on me were shinto and konkokyo, some quaker views too.

Sometimes I feel like an older being watching humanity and seeing how they make mistakes over and over again in their short lives and limited views and I understand the Powers who have little patience with humanity, other times I feel myself making those same mistakes and completely feel my own humanity, why we make those mistakes and follow our paths so destructively and make such beauty and love at the same time, as a human who sometimes feels other and older I understand.

There are too many humans to judge humanity.

Humanity is beautiful, humanity is horrible, but as long a single fragile human carries hope in this world and has love and kindness in their heart humanity is worthy, I believe many Powers might see things similarly but who am I to know except another human?