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Pendant doubts.

I recently got a pendant that features the antlered figure from the Gundestrup Cauldron, I know it’s normally called Cernunnos and used as a symbol of the God Cernunnos, some who use it may be more invested in seeing all or most Gods with antlers as the same, not only as the Horned God of wicca but as archetype or the same God in different areas.

I have so far experienced those Gods as different, I believe I am a hard polytheist if I’m using the name correctly. Sometimes I believe that Gods are the same with different names but in rare cases.
It’s complicated, like all Divine things are.

Anyway, I thought about using this pendant for G. (who looks like to be Herne the Hunter) since for what I can find there were no names on the Cauldron, but all I can find is info about people saying They are all the same and no opinion about someone that wants to use it for this purpose.

Is this right? Or is that pendant too associated with Cernunnos to be used for someone else? I know it’s not Herne, but can it be used as a symbol of an antlered God?

There is also the possibility that I’m going to be involved with Cernunnos Himself in the future, it looks like my personal pantheon decided and informed this to me, this is one more reason why G. is not Cernunnos, at least for me, both were at the same place, Cernunnos was at a certain distance judging me or something (not the right time to meet Him They said) and G. was close, They felt very different.

Maybe that pendant would be of better use to Cernunnos in the future?

Which means getting a new one with some money and no idea of what to get, at least soon I will make the prayer beads with an antler as a focal bead for G..