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I am beginning a new path, I am trying new things and I’m not sure where this will lead me.
I wish to write to see if it will help me know myself and my journey, I know this will come with many insecurities, mistakes, learning and attempts, I’m just starting, I have to admit I know too little about what I’m doing, if you read this hoping for knowledge, quality or experience you are on the wrong place, but I need to grow in my practice and it’s impossible without actually practicing, waiting and expecting to feel confident without doing anything will get me nowhere.

I’m a perfectionist and fear judgement from anyone, those are battles I must fight in my spiritual life and in everything else, I learned that my religion inspires me to change and grow in my life and as a person because they all intersect so I hope this will change me, for myself and the Powers I follow since I can’t do anything for them without first helping myself.
This is my personal journal, this is my communication to my Powers, this is me trying honestly to advance in what they expect of me and what I want for myself.
This is my commitment, my new beginning for something that started a long time ago.