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So You Think You Want to Veil

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Horrific Knits


I asked on Facebook what people would want to read about veiling.

One of the questions/comments that comes up a lot both on there and in real life is some variation on ‘so I want to veil. But I don’t want to veil. How do I get into veiling without a tichel/can I veil if I don’t want to veil full time and/or don’t want to veil for religious reason?’

I can actually understand the second mentality completely-the hijab or no hijab debate comes up a lot. Where is the line where you cross into appropriation/inappropriate use of a religious symbol?

It has been my experience that the vast majority of Muslim women are completely fine with other women wearing the hijab-as long as you understand that it is a sign of modesty and your clothing choices reflect that. Are there women that disagree? Yes. But there are religious women…

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Dedication Isn’t Supposed to be Easy-The Downsides to Veiling

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Horrific Knits

There are a lot of really amazing, wonderful things to come out of veiling. I have talked to multiple women about the ways that it is grounding, emotionally healing, and calming (more on that later).

And it’s hot, uncomfortable, and makes you a visible target.

Let’s be honest with ourselves-part of the reason that those who are drawn to veiling do it is because of the sacrificial nature of the act. You are taking on a requirement that sets you apart from your peers-even peers in your own belief set. This is an act that requires long term commitment and a need for follow through.

I’m by no means suggesting not to veil. Most everything has a downside as well as benefits. Veiling also isn’t for everyone and there is certainly no shame in the attempt and decision that you are best serving deity in other ways.

These are the…

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